Elden Ring v1.04 introduced a bug in the fight against Malenia if you call an ally

Update 1.04 for Elden Ring introduced a bug that makes fighting Malenia, one of the most relentless bosses in the game, even scarier.

One of the reasons the fight is so intense and cruel is because Malenia can heal itself when it hits you with its sword, however this bug turns the fight into a much bigger nightmare.

Let Me Solo Her, that legend of the Elden Ring community, found that if you summon help against Malenia, she heals even if she’s not hitting you with her attacks. In the video below, at 8 minutes and 30 seconds, Let Me Solo Her shows how Malenia continues to heal, even though he is dodging every blow.

This legend still manages to triumph, but other players who noticed the bug weren’t so lucky and this could be related to problems in the multiplayer mode as there are still no reports of the bug in solo attempts.

It could be latency on the servers and while in the world of the one who called for help the ally takes damage, in the world of the ally he dodged the attack and Malenia shouldn’t heal.

The recent 1.04 update fixed close to 30 bugs and From Software may have one more situation to resolve here, especially considering its impact on those who are going to ask for help against Malenia.

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