Family installs iPhone-shaped headstone on teenager’s grave

The family of teenager Theresa Sifaga, in New Zealand, chose a different way to honor the girl, who died in 2018 at age 15: they built a tombstone in the shape of a giant cell phone in the grave.

The story went viral after one of the young woman’s sisters posted a video of a picnic around the grave. In the images, the tombstone appears in the form of an iPhone model with several messages left by the family as in a chat.

“When our sister died, we made her cell phone a tombstone because she was always on it”, justified one of the sisters on TikTok. “Gen Z headstones. If you see this at Memorial Manukau Gardens, it was us.”


In the comments, the sister said that the shape of the tombstone was the least: “The messages contained in it are what really matter”, she stated, saying that her sister was always very “exaggerated, so why wouldn’t we make her tombstone the same way” ?”

Some people criticized the tribute in the comments. One app user called the tombstone “sad” because “there are more memories of a person than just being on the phone.”

Others took it as a joke.

“True definition of ‘when I die, bury my phone with me,'” said one. “My iPhone headstone would be cracked and would have a pop socket on the back,” said another.

In another video on TikTok, Theresa’s sister released a compilation of several moments of the girl, who took her own life.

“She would always document everything and post it on Instagram,” concluded her sister.

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