Find out how to do exercises to strengthen your back

Our mentor Cecilia Zonta shows us which exercises are useful to strengthen the back muscles

  • upper back
  • Reinforcement in the back

Women at the gym come to train their backs just as a remedy for any pain, discomfort or as a remedy for bad posture. And if we started training the back as a preventive measure ? To make you strong enough to avoid the pain often caused by a weakness of that musculature? To make you toned to the point where even everyday postures benefit from it?

As they say, it’s never too late, so today we’re going to see together some Exercises that you can value both to enrich and make your workouts more varied, but also and above all to benefit from them in their consistency.

Let’s see for a moment the back anatomy and what are the main muscles that make it up:

The exercises I propose will touch all those muscles that we have just described briefly, so by performing both circuits, you will be sure that you have trained your back comprehensively.

Do 10 reps for each exercise, recover 30” before moving on to the next.

Repeat the entire circuit 2 to 4 times.

Tools: long open band, foam roller/towel, 2 dumbbells 1-2 kg, 2 loads 3-5 kg

upper back

Reinforcement in the back

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