Follow this 20-minute routine to lose weight and strengthen your body.

How to lose weight and strengthen the body? With spring approaching, you want to get out of the gym for a few days and train outdoors .

For this, Eloïse Cilia, Fitness Specialist at Basic Fit International, proposes these exercises to strengthen the body and eliminate those winter pounds that you can do in 20 minutes. In addition, she reminds us that an outdoor routine brings us more benefits.

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“Training outdoors can be a good complement to what we do in the gym, as it will allow us to do circuits with reduced rest periods and effective cardiovascular work.”

You don’t need equipment for this full body workout plan. Street furniture and your own body will allow you to work strength without the need to use dumbbells, discs or elastic bands.

The routine to lose weight and strengthen the body


Jogging, without pushing your heart rate to the max, is an excellent way to start this exercise routine to lose weight and increase muscle mass in 20 minutes.

As Eloïse Cilia points out, do it on a flat surface, such as asphalt or a park, so you don’t hurt your knees and get less tired. This exercise, which you must do for five minutes will serve as a warm-up to continue training.

Knee elevation in step

Find a bench that is a little lower than knee height. The exercise consists of lifting one knee while the other rests on the bench. start with three sets of ten repetitions on the right leg and continue with another three sets of ten repetitions on the left. Remember not to leave your arms immobile, but rather they must follow the exercise. And control your breathing, don’t be in apnea. Breathing well will oxygenate your muscles.

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bulgarian step

On the same bench where you raised your knee, support one leg while the other bends. Also called the single leg squat, this exercise will strengthen your legs and glutes while improving your balance. Knife three sets of ten repetitions with each leg.

biceps crunches

It is not an easy exercise and it is likely to be difficult for you to do at first. However, it is good to include push-ups in your outdoor routine as they are one of the best strength exercises. You can just start grabbing a bar and releasing to let your legs dangle. You can also do rowing exercises, dumbbell exercises, etc. to strengthen your upper body muscle groups. Once you’ve got it, fitness expert Basic Fit recommends doing as many reps as possible.

tricep dips

You can do it on a low bench, on some stairs, or on a log. The important thing is that it is a flat surface and that it is slightly raised from the ground. Support your hands and flex your arms. Slowly lower and return to three sets of ten repetitions. Remember to control your breath while doing this exercise, as it is common to hold your breath and this retains the oxygen your muscles need.


Also known as a stair climber, this exercise strengthens the entire body as it works both the upper and lower body at the same time. Support your hands on a step and trying not to bend your neck or strain it, lift your legs as if you were climbing. Do three sets of 30 repetitions.

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