If you have these symptoms you may be lacking vitamin D; see list

Billions of people around the world have some level of deprivation in relation to D vitamin and in some countries genetics tends to be an answer, but it doesn’t always explain a sudden drop in blood levels. Maintaining healthy habits such as staying in the late afternoon sun and having a balanced diet is one way to prevent impasse. However, since the pandemic began, the home office audience has not been able to enjoy these moments.

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When your body starts to absorb less vitamins, it ends up generating a need, mainly because both D2 and D3 are considered hormonal formulas that organize the nervous system. If you sleep poorly, are always indisposed and weak, it is good to consider this factor. Other latent symptoms are the sensation of frequent muscle pain, always remembering to observe diseases already diagnosed.

Is Vitamin D Deficiency Serious? How to prevent its manifestation?

In the long term, vitamin D deficiency is capable of potentiating certain pathological issues, so evaluating your health with a professional should be a priority. Of the aggravated cases, autoimmune pathologies, psychological disorders, sensitized skin, heart disease and cancer present a delicate degree of risk. Applying too much sunscreen and not tanning for at least 15 minutes a day under a half-shade location are harmful to your health.

Food contributes to balance, as it provides a satisfactory amount of macronutrients, ensuring your needs. Eating eggs, liver steak, mushrooms, sardines, tuna and drinking skim milk is extremely beneficial and never forget to balance carbs and protein. Make more conscious choices and try to prevent premature aging, taking care of your well being.

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