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The Lyrids or Lyrids meteor shower will reach its peak on Friday night (22) and early Saturday morning (23) and can be seen throughout Brazil.

According to the National Observatory (ON), the best time to observe the phenomenon will be from 1 am on the 23rd, with the North and Northeast regions having a more privileged view.

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Under ideal viewing conditions, it will be possible to view up to 18 meteors per hour. But the moon should get in the way a little. According to astronomer Marcelo de Cicco, coordinator of EXOSS – a Brazilian meteor research project with the collaboration of ON, this year, the Moon with about 67% of illumination should hinder the visibility of the less bright meteors in the rain.

To observe the phenomenon, it is necessary to be in a place with low light pollution and look towards the north. “To facilitate this orientation, we indicate that the observer directs his right arm to the place where the sun rises (east) and his left arm to the place where the sun sets (west), so he will be facing north” , guides the Observatory.

Meteors are small celestial bodies that move through space and enter the Earth’s atmosphere, burning up partially or completely due to ablation with the Earth’s atmosphere and contact with oxygen molecules. This phenomenon leaves a luminous streak in the sky, which is popularly called a “shooting star”.

A meteor shower occurs when several meteors pass through the night sky apparently starting from the same point: the radiant.

Every year, at the end of April, the planet Earth passes through the dusty wake of Comet Thatcher (C/1861 G1) and, from this passage, results the meteor shower called Lyrids or Lyrids, as it is located in the direction of the constellation of Lyra.

From the 15th to the 29th of this month, planet Earth will be passing through the region of space where the debris of Comet Thatcher is.

Meteor shower attracts the eyes of several people this morning

Meteor shower attracts the eyes of several people this morning

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