Meteor shower will peak this holiday in Tiradentes; see how to follow the phenomenon – Country

The end of this night Tiradentes holiday must have a Lyrid meteor shower peak. The phenomenon, which will continue through the dawn of this Friday (22), may produce a drop of up to 15 bolides per hour. Every year, since 1861, the Earth is presented by the phenomenon.

A bolide is an exceptionally bright meteorite or asteroid. These meteors are vaporized and disappear into the air before they hit the ground.

This Lyrid rain is formed by dust and debris that came off of Comet Thatcher, which passes through Earth’s orbit. When they enter the Earth, the debris burns up due to friction and appears in the sky in the form of so-called shooting stars.

In addition to today, which the peak should occur, the meteor shower can be seen until the next April 30th.

How to watch?

Professor Carlos Fernando Jung, from the Heller & Jung Space Observatory, explains that the best time for observation is at dawn with clear sky, especially between 3 am and 5 am.

For this, it is enough to look for a place free of light pollution and cloudiness, such as the areas further away from large urban centers. He reinforces, however, that artificial lighting should not be used, as it will interfere with vision in the dark.

In the case of the Lyrid shower, meteors radiate from the constellation Lyra, but can be seen anywhere in the sky. To locate the constellation, the suggestion is to use applications such as sky view and Celestial Cardamong others.

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