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A report by Rede Acre Amazonica that aired this Tuesday (19) in Jornal do Acre 1st Edition shows that the immunization scenario in the state is the worst in recent times, as stated by the coordinator of the National Immunization Program in Acre ( PNI) in Acre, Renata Quiles.

The low coverage of all vaccines on the immunization schedule made Acre return to present diseases that were under control, such as diphtheria, with one case registered 15 days ago. There was also a suspected case of whooping cough.

Regarding Covid-19, Acre is one of the last in the national ranking of vaccination against the disease compared to the first two doses. Especially regarding the booster dose, the state has vaccination coverage of only 29% of the target audience.

In an interview with reporter Andryo Amaral, from the Acre Amazon Network, Renata Quiles warned that the low demand for vaccines will allow diseases such as measles to be recorded again in Acre as well.

“We didn’t think we would make it. All vaccines have very low coverage in the country’s immunization history. Diseases like measles can be reintroduced in the state, we are only one of four states that still do not have measles, in the other states all are in an active outbreak,” she said.

This Tuesday, health teams were with a vaccination caravan at the Tiradentes Military Civic School, in the Calafate neighborhood. Renata highlighted that the actions with the caravans were resumed with full force with the return of school to make vaccines available.

Renata explained the importance of completing the vaccination schedule and ensuring complete immunization.

“We have a very low demand with Covid-19 for the booster dose. The false feeling that everything is fine and that we don’t need to get vaccinated is wrong. We need to keep staying safe. Vaccine protection is not eternal, over the months this protection drops and we need to renew at least every four months,” she instructed.

She also said that with the reduction of Covid cases, the population believes that there is no longer a need to vaccinate.

“That is precisely where we are going to sin. If the population does not seek to take the booster dose, the number of cases will increase again. We continue to provide the vaccine in all municipalities and with the caravans the State comes to support the municipalities, but if the population does not become aware, nothing will help”, he said.

Due to the large stock of vaccines, the State Health asked the federal government to reduce the delivery of new doses.

“We asked for a reduction in the sending of doses because the stock is huge, but I need the awareness of the population. Stop believing that vaccine is forever. That feeling that I got Covid and I don’t need to get vaccinated is wrong,” she concluded.

According to information from the government transparency portal, Acre applied 1,369,776 doses of vaccines against Covid-19 in the population until this Monday (18). Of the doses, 643,732 people took the first dose, 517,983 the second, 12,739 the single dose and 177,464 booster doses.

With information from g1 acre.

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