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The Tiradentes Holiday, celebrated this Thursday, 21, did not reduce the number of people waiting for assistance at the “Dr. Álvaro Azzuz” Emergency Room, in France.

About 100 people were in the main hall or on the driveway of the unit around 11 am. Much of the public has symptoms of dengue or viruses.

With the high demand, the waiting time has increased. In some cases, it takes two to three hours of “stool” to be called. According to City Hall, six doctors are operating at the unit.

At PS Infantil, around 50 people, including parents or guardians and children, were waiting at the reception and on the sidewalk at 11:30 am. The waiting time is shorter when compared to the Adult ER, taking around an hour for service. There are five doctors this Thursday.

“We’ll be here for an hour or so, but considering other days it’s a little quieter,” said Cassio Gonçalves Mateus, 35. A resident of Jardim Paulo Archetti and the father of three children, Cassio believes that there is a lack of service units in Franca. “There are other neighborhoods that come here and overload. In my opinion, there should be more children’s hospital wards in the region”.

Anita’s UPA

The UPA (Emergency Care Unit) in Jardim Anita (pictured below) received around 50 people at 12:30 pm. Those who were not sitting on the benches inside the health unit had to seek a space in the shade, due to the strong sun and dry climate present in the West zone of Franca.

According to the City Hall, five doctors were in the office to serve the public at the UPA. The wait was around two hours.

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