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Images from the Serra Talhada Health Department provided to Farol de Notícias

Published at 5:30 pm this Wednesday (20)

After the worsening in the rates of cases of Dengue, Chikungunya and Zyka, the Health Department of Serra Talhada investigated the situation and found an outbreak of diseases in recent weeks. This Tuesday (19) councilor Manoel Enfermeiro made a statement during the ordinary session of the City Council of Councilors asking the secretary, Lisbeth Lima, to intervene in the public health situation [veja aqui].

According to the Executive Secretary of Health, Leonardo Carvalhoin contact with the News Lighthousethe data collected are from January to April 12, 2022. A task force was formed by joining the Health Ministry, the Public Services Department and the Municipal Environment Agency to closely monitor the rates of arboviruses in the city.

“Even in the face of the Covid-19 scenario, the indicators and programs could not be forgotten. In parallel with the pandemic, we had been working on these other diseases. We maintained the 4th and 8th place in the national ranking, receiving the Primary Quality Care award, where the preven Brasil indicators were evaluated! And the first place among the municipalities that make up the XI Geres. We are carrying out a combination of actions, from the Health Surveillance inspecting vacant lots and identifying mosquito outbreaks, as well as the Endemic Agents visiting and advising the population. As well as in the UBSs, doctors, nurses and community health agents in the municipality are also working with health users”, commented Carvalho.


Next Friday (22), starting at 8 am, the task force of the three municipal secretariats will carry out a major action to eliminate outbreaks and combat Aedes Aegipty in the Cohab neighborhood. Task forces have already been carried out in the communities of Varzinha, Caiçarinha da Penha, Bernardo Vieira, Bom Jesus, Aabb, Vila Bela, Ipsep, Mutirão, Cohab, Cagep and São Cristóvão.

“Serra Talhada did not stop with these actions, but we are going to intensify land cleaning, in partnership with Public Services, carry out visits, sanitization. Endemic agents working morning and afternoon in the neighborhoods. And local action is not done randomly, we intensify the work based on notifications of confirmed cases and investigation. We traced the epidemiological profile for these arboviruses in the neighborhoods with the most cases”, he detailed.

Counting on the help of the population, the municipal bodies published instructions along with the arbovirus data that help Serra-Talhada citizens to prevent the proliferation of the Aedes Aegipty mosquito in their homes.

  • Check all places and objects that can accumulate standing water in your home
  • Store tires indoors
  • Cover the water box
  • Store bottles upside down
  • Put garbage in plastic bags

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