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The President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced this Thursday (21) a new package of economic and military aid to Ukraine worth US$ 1.3 billion (more than R$ 6 billion). The objective is to help the country in the fight against Russian invaders, concentrated in eastern Ukraine.

Biden promised to try with the US Congress to create a continuous flow of weapons, ammunition and money to Kiev. The American said the new shipment of military aid would be sent “directly to the front lines for freedom”.

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, during a speech in video posted on social networks – Photo: Reproduction

  • US will give Ukraine more weapons to fight Russia
  • What weapons the US will give Ukraine — and what the possible impact on the war

“Putin is betting on our loss of interest,” Biden said of the Russian president. He said the Kremlin leader hopes that “the unity of the West will crack, and we will once again prove him wrong.”

The new help package includes the submission of:

  • $800 million in heavy artillery,
  • 144 thousand rounds of ammunition,
  • as well as drones to reinforce the Ukrainians in the fighting in the Donbass region.

The new shipment adds to another $2.6 billion in military aid to Ukraine already approved by Biden.

Washington will also send $500 million in direct economic aid to Ukraine to pay government workers’ salaries, social security and other programs. Since the start of the Russian invasion, the US has already sent $1 billion in economic aid to Kiev.

Overall, Biden said the $6.5 billion in security assistance that Congress passed last month — as part of a $13.6 billion package of military aid since the start of the war — could be run out soon.

Russia speaks of 'unexpected consequences' if US continues to send weapons to Ukrainian army: newspaper

Russia speaks of ‘unexpected consequences’ if US continues to send weapons to Ukrainian army: newspaper

With the latest announcement, the American president has already approved, in total, the sending of US$ 3.4 billion in military assistance since the beginning of the Russian invasion, on February 24.

The funds approved by Congress also include around $6.8 billion in direct economic assistance to refugees and allies in the region impacted by the war, as well as additional funds for US government agencies enforcing sanctions against Moscow and others. working to protect against cybercrime.

“Next week, I’m going to send Congress a supplemental budget request for the uninterrupted shipment of weapons and ammunition,” the American leader said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed gratitude to Biden but said his country needed around $7 billion a month to make up for economic losses.

With tens of thousands of buildings destroyed and essential infrastructure in ruins, “we’re going to need hundreds of billions of dollars for reconstruction,” Zelensky said as he virtually attended a World Bank meeting in Washington.

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