VIDEO: Doctor reaches the limit and vents in the corridors of the UPA in Lages

The doctor Carlos de Lima reached the limit last Monday (18). The breakdown in one of the printers at the UPA (Emergency Care Unit) in Lages, in the Serra de Santa Catarina, was the final straw for the professional to vent about the conditions in the unit’s structure.

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“Once again we are having problems with impressions, something that is charged every day”, says the doctor, in the patients’ waiting room. “Who pays for this is your tax, my tax. But whoever should have respect and hire proper machinery is not doing it,” he says.

Several times Lima mentions that the problem with printing documents is recurrent in the health unit. “There is a moment when we can’t take it anymore”, he vents.

“I apologize to you that as soon as possible we will start to serve you as you deserve. This administration has not given us any respect for months,” he continues. At one point, patients applaud the professional.

The Health Department of Lages expressed itself in a note about the video, which had great repercussion on social networks. According to the city hall, the equipment stopped working due to a problem with the toner and that, 20 minutes later, a technician changed the printer’s supply.

“On this date, there were three unoccupied offices, and that they had the printers in full operation. In addition, printer failure does not interfere with medical care, since the system remains in operation, and the institution has Prescriptions, Exam Requisitions and Certificates already printed for manual use, in case of any impossibility in using the system or printouts” , said the city hall.

Doctor's outburst occurred in the corridors of LagesOutburst reverberated on social media – Photo: Reproduction/ND

According to the folder, the UPA has 16 printers supplied through a printing service bid by the company Selbett. “It performs maintenance of such equipment, and supplies guarantee, as well as their replacement, if necessary their replacement”, he informed.

In the note, the city of Lages informed that it is “finding the facts for appropriate action”.

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