YouTuber loses pilot’s license after crashing his plane just to gain views

In December 2021, the internet aviation world was shaken when YouTuber Trevor Jacob posted a video titled “I crashed my plane”, in which his journey at the controls of a classic Taylorcraft over the mountains of Los Padres National Park in central California came to an abrupt halt after an alleged engine failure. He then decides to parachute.

The Taylorcraft, with no power and no pilot, starts to fall until it finally crashes into a mountain, as Jacob lands not far away to collect his belongings and then set off on a several-hour journey on foot to find some farmers, reports partner website Aviacionline. .

Everything was recorded by a series of Gopro cameras that Jacob had installed at different points inside and outside the Taylorcraft, a problem that in itself would not be remarkable as it is very common nowadays and many pilots do this.

But the aviation community began to question other aspects, such as what would have led him to take off with a parachute, that the door was slightly open even before the alleged failure and that he didn’t even try to start the engine or find a place to land. This led to suspicions that it was all just a stunt to gain followers and visits to his YouTube channel.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States intervened, and it was finally learned that they had decided to revoke Travor Jacob’s pilot’s license. The aeronautical authority issued a communication stating that Jacob operated the aircraft “carelessly or recklessly, putting the life or property of third parties at risk”, further stating that the flight was operated “with the aim of causing the accident”.

He went out of his way to shoot down the registered aircraft N29508 without even attempting to follow emergency procedures, nor contacting air traffic control to declare an emergency.

“He demonstrated a lack of care, judgment and responsibility in choosing to jump out of an aircraft just to be able to record the crash footage (…) of the care, judgment and responsibility that is required to have a license,” the FAA statement added.

Watch the boy’s video below.

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