3-year-old takes resume to firefighters and secures job

posted on 22/04/2022 12:26 / updated 22/04/2022 12:26

  (Credit: Playback/Instagram)

(Credit: Playback/Instagram)

A 3-year-old boy from the city of Parksville, Canada, turned in his resume at the local Fire Department asking for a job with the corporation. After an interview with the battalion chief, the boy secured a spot in the recruiting class when he turns 15.

Oliver Lipinski was walking with his parents, Courtney and Chris, when he came across a recruitment drive that was taking place at a fire station.

The boy then decided he wanted to apply for a job, but the parents explained that she would need a resume with her information. They helped Oliver put together the document with his school data, experience and, of course, his keen interest in fighting fires.

With his resume in hand and dressed as a firefighter, he knocked on the door of the Fire Department in the city of Parksville, Canada. “I want a job,” the little boy warned Lieutenant Andrew Wiersma.

The little aspirant was called for an interview and showed that he has knowledge about fire engines and trucks, even managing to list some parts of the vehicles. He watched every episode of a fire safety series and completed the firefighting coloring book. That is, he proved fit and was approved for the class of recruits of 2034.

Oliver was still able to ride the ladder of his favorite truck and paid a visit to the Fire Department, complete with a helmet, teddy bear, cookies and even an official junior membership certificate.

“We were thrilled to receive Oliver’s resume and conduct his interview. We are all looking forward to welcoming him to the recruit class of 2034 as a junior member,” said Marc Norris, Fire Chief.

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