Autoimmune disease, alopecia can be triggered by emotional factors – 04/23/2022

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss, but anyone can have it after an emotional crisis, for example. The most common form of the disease is the localized one, with small flaws, and more rarely the one that spreads through the head, so it is important to look for a specialist as soon as the flaws appear, according to dermatologist Marcelo Arnone, from the Dermatology Division of the Hospital. of the Clinics of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo.

Alopecia is not contagious, it is an inflammatory disease, and emotional factors can trigger this disorder. The sharp fall of hair strands can be related to several factors, such as emotional, inflammatory conditions and autoimmune diseases.

Alopecia, in general, can affect both sexes, but it is more common in men. The risk of developing the disease is 2%. The disease can manifest at any age group. The diagnosis is made by the dermatologist clinically, that is, without the need for exams or biopsies.

The good news is that there is treatment for alopecia areata, whether it is chronic or transient. Another positive point is that the disease can be treated in the public service and not just in private offices.

Marcelo Arnone points out that, as it is a skin disease, which affects the appearance of his patients, it often affects the person in a negative way, bringing psychological problems.

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