Boris Johnson says Russia can win Ukraine war

The British premier proposed sending tanks so that Poland could pass its own tanks to Ukraine

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that there is a “realistic possibility” of Russia winning the war against Ukraine.

The statement, made during the prime minister’s trip to India, was the first by a Western leader saying Russia can win the conflict. Johnson added that the situation is “unpredictable” and that Russia is ready to “grind” the Ukrainians.

The speech is in line with the statement by US President Joe Biden, on Thursday (21.Apr.2022). Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not be able to dominate and occupy all of Ukraine. “He will not go. This will not happen”said the president.

In addition to talking about the possibility of Putin winning the war, Johnson said the conflict could continue until the end of the year.

In March, the prime minister had already commented on a possible victory for Putin, which would represent a “new age of intimidation” across Eastern Europe.

“The End of Freedom in Ukraine will mean the extinction of any hope of freedom in Georgia and then Moldova,” said the British prime minister at a Conservative party conference in the city of Blackpool.

Despite this, Johnson acknowledged the “success of President Zelensky“ by moving Russian troops away from Kiev, announcing the resumption of activities at the British Embassy in the capital.

On February 18 – 6 days after the start of the war – the British government withdrew some employees from the embassy in the Ukrainian capital.


The UK proposed sending main battle tanks so that Poland could pass its own tanks to Ukraine. According to Johnson, Western countries have to look for strategies to intensify the “pressure” about Putin.

The statement came after Russian general Rustam Minnekayev said Moscow wanted full control of southern Ukraine. Control of the region gives the Russian army access to a breakaway part of Russian-occupied Moldova.

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