City Hall promotes second edition of ‘Sabadão da Saúde’ with a focus on multivaccination

City Hall promotes second edition of ‘Sabadão da Saúde’ with a focus on multivaccination

The population of Manaus will have access to a set of health services for eight uninterrupted hours this Saturday, 23/4, in another edition of Sabadão da Saúde, a strategy created by the Manaus City Hall to increase vaccination coverage in children, encourage vaccination of elderly and health professionals and strengthen actions to promote women’s health.

The Municipal Health Department (Semsa) will keep 48 basic units in operation, from 8 am to 4 pm. In addition to the vaccines that are part of the basic schedule for children aged 2 months to under 14, immunizations will be offered to protect against Covid-19, influenza (for the elderly and health workers) and measles (for health workers) and preventive examination for cervical cancer, which should be performed primarily by women aged between 25 and 64 years.

Some of the units will also perform mammography for women aged 50 to 69, consultations and medication dispensing. The places open for the action and the services offered can be checked on the Semsa website (

The municipal secretary of Health, Djalma Coelho, points out that the action was planned with the aim of allowing people who work during the week to have the opportunity to take care of their health on Saturday, when they have a little more time.

“We created this program to facilitate people’s access to our portfolio of services. Last Saturday we managed to perform 9,500 calls and we want to continue at this pace. In addition to increasing vaccination coverage for children complying with the National Vaccination Calendar, and protection against influenza and measles for the publics covered by the campaign at this time, which are the elderly and health workers, we will continue to offer the vaccine against Covid-19. 19 and other services to improve our rates at Previne Brasil”, he highlights.


Vaccination against Covid-19, which is part of the largest vaccination campaign ever developed by the Manaus City Hall, continues for children from 5 to 11 years old, at the five points structured to serve this public. The points will work at Studio 5 Convention Center and Parque da Criança, located in the South zone, Sesi-Clube do Trabalhador, in Sesi, and Sambadrome, in the West zone, which will work from 9 am to 4 pm. The Via Norte mall, in the North zone, will also offer the immunizing agent for children from 10 am to 4 pm.

For the adult population, vaccination against the Sarcs-Cov-2 virus (first, second, third and fourth doses, the latter for people with a high degree of immunosuppression), will be made available in 25 health units in the municipal network that can be checked by the link ( In addition to these stations, the three strategic points that operate at the Sambódromo, in the West zone, Studio 5, in the South zone, and Phelippe Daou mall, in the North zone, will also offer immunizations from 9 am to 4 pm.

The head of Semsa guides parents and guardians on the importance of expanding vaccination coverage in the capital of Amazonas, especially for children under one year of age who have their vaccination schedule overdue.

“Our biggest concern is to vaccinate children who are not yet protected with Pentavalente, which the child needs to receive at two months and the immunizing agent against poliomyelitis, which must be applied when he is nine months old. Both measles and infantile paralysis are diseases that are threatening child development in the North region and we need to prevent that from happening. That’s why the Manaus City Hall is creating all the conditions to favor this protection”, he stressed.

Text – Tânia Brandão / Semsa

Photos – João Viana / Semcom Archive

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