How to plant jasmine: learn how to grow this medicinal and very fragrant plant in your home

São Leopoldo, April 23, by Fernando Peres – how to plant jasmine the right way and enjoy all the benefits it brings to health is what you will learn today, here at Agro Notícias. In addition, you will learn how to make tea from the flower of this plant, which was already used by Cleopatra, when sailing against Mark Antony.

Jasmine is also known by several names. In addition, it is a medicinal plant that brings a number of benefits to your health, whether in the form of tea or through essential oils. before learning how to plant jasmine, don’t forget to bookmark our site in your browser so you don’t miss any news. There are dozens, every day, holiday, sun or rain.

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How to plant jasmine and the benefits of the flower for your health

THE jasmine, as is the scientific name of jasmine, is a medicinal plant rich in flavonoids, alkaloids and polyphenols. And this bite has antioxidant, antiseptic and soothing properties. In addition, the plant is also known by various names such as yellow jasmine, white jasmine, Chinese jasmine and jasmine.

In India, according to the website wikipedia, Karma, the God of Love arrived at his victims by arrows accompanied by jasmine. Its flower is also widely used for making wreaths, sold at the entrance to the temples. In addition, its aroma was already used through candles by Cleopatra, when sailing against Mark Antony, whose vessel had several aromatic candles.

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Jasmine plant: learn how to grow this medicinal and very fragrant plant at home - Canva Pro reproduction
Jasmine Plant: learn how to grow this medicinal and very fragrant plant at home – Canva Pro reproduction

How to have these benefits in the backyard?

So how to plant jasmine is what you will learn from now on. Thus, you can enjoy all the benefits of this plant that is easy to grow and blooms all year round. But for that you will need:

  • A medium vase, about 40 cm in height and diameter;
  • Well-tanned barnyard manure;
  • Decaying leaves mixed with construction sand;
  • Bakery ash (wood), which will make your substrate stronger.

Never use barbecue ash and charcoal. Because of the fat and salt that fall from the meat, they end up rendering this type of material unusable. Before putting your hand in the dough, don’t forget that your pot must have holes for drainage, as well as the bottom must be covered with shards of tiles or bricks, but give preference to expanded clay.

Time to get your hands dirty, preparing the substrate

To make the substrate you will put 50% of barnyard manure (well cured) and the other 50% with the decomposing leaves with sand. Add to this compost, a shovel of those used to stir in pots of bakery ash.

In the same way, mix everything until it is as homogeneous as possible. Once that’s done, it’s time to place your seedling centered in the vase and complete it with the substrate, not exceeding the top of the seedling’s clod. Also, prepare a piece of wood to support the plant when it grows and give the soil a light compaction.

irrigation and light

Now comes the easy part, because jasmine is a plant that likes a lot of water and a lot of sun. However, it does not mean that it needs to be soaked, but if it is in hot regions, irrigate every other day. Now, if you are going to cultivate and are in colder regions, you can water your jasmine every other day. But the wet soil rule is valid, that is, if it is wet, do not water. If it’s dry, hydrate your plant. In addition, it is a plant that likes sun and blooms all year round.

How to make jasmine flower tea?

Now that you know how to plant jasmine and your plant is in beautiful flowers, it’s time to prepare the tea. Then, while boiling 300 milliliters of water, go to your backyard and pick between 4 to 6 fresh jasmine flowers. After the water is boiled, place the flowers and leave to infuse for about 5 minutes, approximately. Strain and drink the tea while it is still warm, three cups a day. But before you see the benefits for your health, note that tea cannot be ingested by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

jasmine benefits

Jasmine is a plant that, as we said above, because it is rich in flavonoids, alkaloids and polyphenols, is very good for our health. Because it has great antioxidant, antiseptic, calming and even aphrodisiac properties. No wonder it was used by the god of love, Karma.

As an antioxidant, it has the power to fight free radicals, which are responsible for the aging of our skin, hair and nails. Therefore, the plant has rejuvenating power. And more:

  • Helps with relaxation;
  • Stress reduction;
  • It helps to reduce the difficulty to sleep;
  • Awakens the libido;
  • Helps relieve headache and muscle pain;
  • Soothes wounds, helping them to heal;
  • Fights free radicals, responsible for skin aging;
  • Soothes PMS symptoms;
  • Alleviates flu and cold symptoms.

Despite the proven benefits of jasmine to our health, the use of medication should never be stopped without the consent of your doctor. And any symptoms that you may have while using the tea, the professional should be informed and the use stopped immediately.

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