How to prevent depression in children?

What is anxiety? How to prevent depression in children? are recognized as a disease and a mental health disorder affecting children, adolescents and adults. There is a great lack of knowledge about this, as it is considered that young people exaggerate or it is not recognized as a health problem.

Sometimes it’s hard to diagnose anxiety or depression , as mood can be confused with being sad, tired, or apathetic. Some parents may point it out as laziness or overdoing it, but it is important to heed the signs in time as it can seriously affect them.

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Anxiety too It’s another problem that they suffer from a very early age, whether due to school pressure, parental separation, bullying or low self-esteem or other factors. Some parents may think that children or young people have nothing to worry about or cause stress, but they are wrong.

Symptoms of depression in children

It is a mental health disorder that causes excessive fears or worries and interferes with school life, some symptoms are:

-Fear that parents will abandon you
-Irrational fear of a specific situation or something
-Fear of school or place with people
-Fear of the future or uncertainty
– Headache
-Heavy breathing -Stomach pain -Mouth
dryness -Papilations or sweating

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It is considered a disease that leads to hopelessness, sadness or excessive discouragement, some symptoms are:

-Being sad all the time -No
like the things I used to be more
-Problems eating or sleeping
– Tiredness or fatigue
– Restlessness – Low self-
-Self esteem –
mutilation – Suicidal thoughts

Depression affects individuals between the ages of 10 and 24, with suicide being the leading cause of death. death . It’s important to talk to your children about these issues so they have the confidence to communicate with you if they have any symptoms or feel sad for no apparent reason. Emotional support is paramount, you can also go to a specialist if you notice that your child is depressed, you should never minimize their feelings.

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