Madrid wins club for men to masturbate in groups: “Among colleagues”

posted on 04/22/2022 18:00

Madrid club owner defends that mass masturbation is a common habit among men and that clubs are a safe way to do it - (credit: @b_a_waak/reshot)

Madrid club owner defends that mass masturbation is a common habit among men and that clubs are a safe way to do it – (credit: @b_a_waak/reshot)

The report of the opening of a group masturbation club for men gained social media this Friday (22/4). Published in the newspaper The Countryin Europe, the story tells how different male profiles meet at the newly opened venue called ‘Masturbation between colleagues’ in Madrid, Spain.

Despite being the first known house of its kind in the country, an international association reports that there are at least 23 other similar places around the world: 18 in the United States, two in Australia, two in Canada and one in the United Kingdom. United. The premise is quite simple and very similar to what the name of the Madrid house suggests: males meet to masturbate together — and take the opportunity to exchange ideas and good vibes.

“In general, when a member ends, he doesn’t usually leave,” explains Nacho G., 43, the owner of the Spanish establishment. in the conversation with the The Country, he said that the idea is to promote encounters, physical contact and eroticism in a safe environment. “He stays to repeat as many times as he wants or can during the three hours that each event lasts. Between one orgasm and another there is always conversation, as if we were old friends, without bad vibes. No shame,” he reveals.

Contrary to what one might think, not everyone who frequents these spaces defines themselves as homosexuals. “The presence of heterosexual men in these clubs is a fact, I am myself”, she explains. “The pleasure of masturbating is personal and up to you, but it can also directly connect you with other men who enjoy masturbating. They seek to enjoy, to share these feelings with other men. If you think about it, it’s the ideal open relationship alternative for many people with clear boundaries of intimacy,” she argues.

Club has strict rules, such as no oral sex and penetration during events

Club has strict rules, such as no oral sex and penetration during events
(photo: GustavoAckles/Pixabay)

According to Nacho, it is a homoerotic activity, but there is no impediment for heterosexuals to participate. “Group masturbation has nothing to do with sex and that’s how my partner sees it, as peers sharing leisure time,” he explains. Although he says he receives straight clients less often, Paul Rosenberg, who runs a masturbation club in Seattle, supports the male brotherhood thesis through fellatio.

“They seek sexual intimacy and argue that a masturbation club is not infidelity as there is no penetration and there are no other women. They end up finding, in addition to sexual relief, an unexpected male bond, a feeling of brotherhood. I have tremendous admiration for these straight men who overcome the cultural homophobia that surrounds them and open up to the possibility of intimacy with other men that may include sex,” she comments.

Among the gay public, demand is for different reasons. According to Rosenberg, unlike dating apps, clubs have strict rules and offer a safe environment for those looking for physical and emotional connection. “Masturbation clubs eliminate those clunky processes that make flirting app options easy leaves unanswered. There is no need to agree on a time or location, discuss who has a location, or simply whether you will be compatible with the other person. In very crowded clubs when there are 120 men present at an event, the chances of you finding someone who matches your preferences are extremely high,” she says.

Membership fees (to join the clubs) range from US$20 per month to US$235 per year and are equivalent for the location of Madrid. According to the owners, fees are a way of assigning value to things. “We don’t want everyone: we want people who like what we have to offer and are willing to pay $20 for it,” says Rosenberg.

The code of conduct is also quite strict: oral sex and any type of penetration are prohibited, as well as no kissing from the waist down. When customers arrive at the event, they receive colored wristbands to indicate who accepts or does not accept physical contact with other people. For Nacho, it’s just a way of continuing an ancestral masculine culture. “Many men my age will have memories of masturbating with their peers. They will know what I am talking about,” he concludes.

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