Phobos: NASA says Mars moon is doomed

One of Mars’ two moons, Phobos, is doomed to a terrible death, which consists of crashing into the surface of the Red Planet after a solar eclipse and simply exploding. The prediction was made after the recording of a Phobos solar eclipse on Mars, captured by the Perseverance rover.

According to NASA, the eclipse that shows Phobos passing in front of Mars should help the agency’s scientists better understand the moon’s orbit and the relationship between its gravity and the Martian surface. However, in a statement, NASA certifies that Phobos is a satellite condemned to death.


But what about colonization?

eclipse mars
Phobus transit in front of the Sun recorded by the Perseverance rover on Mars Image: NASA

According to NASA, Phobos is approaching the Martian surface and the collision is inevitable, expected to happen in tens of millions of years. Observations of Martian eclipses have allowed scientists a better understanding of the moon’s slow and agonizing death row.

But one question is whether Phobos’ collision with the Red Planet will have any impact on the plans of some eccentric billionaires who plan to colonize Mars. Well, since the explosion should only happen in millions of years, the answer is no.

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Therefore, the Perseverance rover will continue to study Martian astrobiology, looking for signs of life and other data that could pave the way for a human mission to Mars. In addition, this work should also support the Artemis mission, which aims to land the first woman on Earth’s Moon.

At the moment, the Artemis mission is going through some mishaps, with delays and problems in carrying out key tests for the expedition. However, after returning to the Moon from Earth, the next step, naturally, will be an attempt to jump to new destinations, namely Mars.

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