Piauí has ​​two suspected cases of measles and Sesapi warns of vaccinating children

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The State Department of Health investigates two suspected cases of measles in Piauí. The information was confirmed by the coordinator of Epidemiology at Sesapi, Amélia Costa, who reported that the two cases were registered in the municipality of São Miguel do Tapuio, 225 km from Teresina.

The first case notified by Sesapi is a two-year-old child. The second case investigated is an adult person, whose age was not disclosed.

“In the suspected cases, we have a two-year-old child and an adult, both from São Miguel do Tapuio. Our teams have already maintained contact with the municipality and confirmation of these cases is required. A blockade was carried out and material was collected to complete the investigation, in addition to a block vaccination in the vicinity of the places where the suspected cases reside”, explained Amélia Costa.

The Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance (CIEVS) draws the population’s attention to the importance of vaccinating children against measles. Brazil already has confirmed cases in São Paulo.

The Coordinator of Epidemiology at Sesapi and Coordinator at CIEVS, Amélia Costa, highlights that until 2018, Brazil did not register cases of the disease and that the low vaccination coverage against measles is one of the reasons for the registration of new cases within the national territory.

“We have the notification of two suspected cases of measles in our state and this situation raises the alarm. We ask that Piauí residents take their children to be vaccinated with both doses and thus guarantee complete immunization, we noticed that many children only receive the first dose and we draw attention because one dose is not enough to guarantee full immunization”, highlights the epidemiologist. .

The Secretary of State for Health, Neris Júnior draws attention to the high transmissibility of the disease and also asks that the population of Piauí take their children to be vaccinated.

“Measles is one of the vaccine-preventable diseases that has a high rate of transmissibility and can even lead to death. Because of this, we need to keep in mind the importance of the vaccine for our children. Coverage throughout Brazil is low and that’s why we need the cooperation of our population that has helped us so much, take our children to get vaccinated”, said the secretary.

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