Return Digital mocks SEGA after Sonic Origins publicity

After the release of controversial publicity material for Sonic Origins, Devolver Digital decided to share a satire to promote its new game, Trek to Yomi. The maneuver took a ride on the negative response that SEGA got, with several users of social networks criticizing the company for considering it an abusive practice in charging for DLCs.

Last Wednesday (22), the Japanese publisher released a table with the description of five Sonic Origins products – two with the base game and three expansions – and their respective pre-order bonuses. However, this became a meme on social media, especially after fans discovered the prices charged, reaching R$ 239.90 on the PS Store.

Quickly, Devolver Digital recycled the SEGA material and shared its own version. For that, the company kept the base of the table and incorporated details with references to Trek to Yomi, including the gray coloring, availability platforms and everything that players will be entitled to if they pre-order any version.

Check out the two charts below:

table with description of sonic origins editions
Source: SEGA
table with description of trek to yomi editions
Source: Devolver Digital

In its table, Devolver Digital satirizes Sonic Origins by confirming, on all products, the existence of an upfront 10% discount, striking visuals and an “unforgettable soundtrack”. In addition, the studio reinforces that players will have access to the end credits on all platforms. To the wise, half a word is enough?

Learn more about Trek to Yomi, a game by Devolver Digital

Read below the description of Trek to Yomi (via PS Store), title scheduled to arrive on May 5th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC:

Trek to Yomi is an ultra-stylized and cinematic action-adventure game that follows the captivating story of Hiroki as he confronts the forces of evil. Experience the heroic return of the young warrior and fulfill his promise to save the people he swore to protect.

What did you think of Devolver Digital’s message? Do you think it was a good strategy to promote your game? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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