Sony blocks the game on Xbox via GeForce Now

The debut of God of War on PC followed a new approach of Sony’s first-party games on the platform: before, Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn had already appeared there. The adventure also arrived on GeForce Now last Thursday (21), but the Japanese company has blocked the reproduction of the title on Xbox consoles.

For those unfamiliar, GeForce Now is NVIDIA’s cloud service that can also be accessed through Microsoft Edge — available on Xbox consoles. So it’s quite simple to access it there: just enter the browser, log in to your account and that’s it.

God of War
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During the first few hours of availability, a few lucky ones were able to play God of War through Xbox, something that would hardly happen under normal circumstances. Shortly thereafter, Sony blocked its playback in the browser. The same happened with Death Stranding last year.

God of War became the biggest debut of a Sony exclusive on PC, with a record of 75,000 concurrent players in its first available weekend. In addition, more than a million copies have already been sold, according to the latest survey by SteamSpy — a website that “analyzes all data and statistics about Steam games”.

Santa Monica celebrates 4 years of God of War and promises news about Ragnarök

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