Trump says he threatened not to defend NATO allies in case of Russian attack

Donald Trump said last Thursday (22) that when he was president of the U.Sthreatened not to defend NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) allies in the event of an attack from Russia unless they made a greater financial contribution to the Atlantic alliance.

The former Republican president (2017-2021) would have made a threat at an alliance summit, suggesting that the NATO treaty would not be respected because “everyone was in default.

While NATO’s Article 5 clause requires members to defend any of their members who are under military attack, Trump said he doesn’t feel obligated because of differences of opinion among members.

“They asked me, one of the presidents, ‘does that mean you’re not going to protect us if we don’t pay, you’re not going to protect us from Russia?’ I said, ‘that’s exactly what that means,'” Trump said, adding that the media did not intentionally broadcast their threat at the time.

Both during his 2016 election campaign and in the White House, Trump frequently publicly attacked the transatlantic military alliance, the geopolitical heartland of the West since World War II, which he described as a group of countries that live off the bounty of the United States.

Trump, who often describes himself as a great negotiator, laughingly told the Heritage Foundation that he was bluffing to get concessions from allies, according to comments carried by conservative media RSBN.

According to the former president, his threat had an effect because “money began to flow in” from other NATO members.

Trump has often been accused of being respectful of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose February 24 invasion of Ukraine — non-NATO — provoked a massive response from Washington and European allies with military aid to that attack and a battery of sanctions. economics against Moscow.

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