Ukraine announces it has recovered three towns near Kharkiv

Ukraine said on Saturday the 23rd that it had recaptured three towns near Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest city in the east, while the Russian army focuses on Donbass and the south.

“Our Ukrainian Army successfully launched a counter-offensive yesterday morning. After long and fierce fighting, our troops dislodged Russian troops from Bezruki, Slatine and Prudyanka,” Kharkiv region governor Oleg Synegubov reported on Telegram.

Prudyanka is about 15 kilometers from the Russian border.

Synegubov said two people had died and 19 were injured in Russian bombings in the Kharkiv region in the last 24 hours.

According to a spokesman for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Kharkiv remains “partially blocked” by Russian forces. These are still present, above all, in the northwest, and are reinforcing their positions “to the south of the city”.

In the Donbass region over which Moscow wants to take full control, Russian troops are “concentrating their efforts in the area between Slaviansk and Kramatorsk”, an agglomeration located in Donetsk province, announced Oleksiy Arestovich, an adviser to the Ukrainian Presidency.

The Russians “are carrying out offensive and reconnaissance operations to try to find weaknesses in our defense,” he added.

Further south, an area that is also a priority target for Russian forces, they are “trying to continue their offensive in the city of Gulyaypole”, in the province of Zaporizhia, halfway between the homonymous city and the port of Mariupol.

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