Accident spreads more than 200 kg of marijuana on highway

An accident with a truck on a truck on a highway in the state of Missouri, in the United States, drew a lot of attention on social media because of the cargo transported. The truck dumped no less than 200 kg of marijuana on the road last Wednesday (20).

However, what drew the most attention in the case was the date on which the accident happened, April 20. In the United States, the month appears before the day in the date construction, so April 20th is 4/20, a date that is celebrated as a sort of “marijuana day” by weed consumers.


Accident involved three vehicles

According to police, the accident occurred on Interstate 70 at around 7:15 am. According to one report, a pickup truck tried to avoid a collision with another vehicle, but ended up colliding with the back of a large truck and a pickup truck.

Upon arriving at the scene, the Missouri Highway Patrol arrived at the scene, where packages of marijuana were found all over the highway. According to police, the vehicle carrying the cargo was the pickup truck that received the hit after the truck.

The truck that hit the truck with the marijuana was occupied by a man and a woman, who suffered minor injuries, but required the couple to be transported to a hospital. Since marijuana is illegal in Missouri, police arrested the two men in the truck for drug trafficking.

Missouri studies marijuana legalization

However, had the accident happened at some point in the future, the two occupants of the pickup might not have been arrested for trafficking. At the moment, two grassroots initiatives seek to bring marijuana legalization on the agenda in the state of Missouri.

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One is a kind of petition, which, if it reaches 160,199 signatures, would put Missouri marijuana legalization to a vote in November 2022. The other is a bill that is moving through the state chamber.

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