Did you know that broccoli is good for the lungs?

The lungs represent one of Organs most important organs that the human body has, as air enters them and oxygen from this air passes into the blood at the same time that carbon dioxide is expelled.

Consequently, taking care of them is essential and one of the best options is through a vegetable. It’s just that experts have revealed the importance of including broccoli in a healthy diet.

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To take care of the lungs, experts say that nutrition will be essential, in addition to constant physical activity and the abandonment of the bad habit called smoking, both actively and passively. Along these lines, one of the best foods that will help maintain lung health and cleanse them of pollutants is broccoli.

How can broccoli be good for the lungs?

Consequently, the broccoli will play a key role thanks to the amount of vitamins and minerals it provides. That’s why a healthy diet with this vegetable will be essential for your vitality.

To be more precise, 200 grams of this vegetable covers the daily needs of vitamin C for an adult, as it provides almost four times what is needed. It also satisfies the daily needs of folic acid and two-thirds of those of vitamin A.

As stated, this vegetable green has components that help eliminate bacteria that damage the lungs . This is the nutrient called sulforaphane, which according to research from Johns Hopkins University may be a new treatment to prevent and reduce serious lung infections.

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In this context, the scientists analyzed macrophages from the lungs of COPD patients as well as mice exposed to cigarette smoke.

In this vein, they explained that they found that sulforaphane treatment promoted the activation of a key signaling mechanism in human COPD lung cells. Consequently, this antioxidant that broccoli contains will play a key role in lung health.

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