Elden Ring mod makes the game fully open to co-op

Modification allows the player and his friends to go wherever they want when they feel like it

It’s never been simple to play any FromSoftware title in co-op. All games impose various limitations, from the need to use limited items, to no longer being able to call someone in a certain stretch. While Elden Ring has made this process a lot easier, it still doesn’t happen freely. This new mod allows you with someone else to play the entire game together, even going to places where the game doesn’t allow.

The mod is still in development, but the video above shows what it will be possible to do and a lot is not allowed by the game normally. Starting with exploring places that Elden Ring wants you to do alone. It will be possible to go to Roundtable Hold with a friend through the mod, for example. The game hub is restricted to the player only.

Evergaols are also places restricted to the player alone, it is not even possible to call a common summon that you have to help you. The video shows the two facing off (and taking a beating from) a Crucible Knight. “Oh, he’s not even that difficult after dozens of dates,” is what I said to a friend.

Death of the match host, or guest players, will no longer tear them apart with this mod. About death, something very cool that the mod will bring is the possibility of watching your friend play even after he has perished. Thus, it will not be necessary to place another evocation sign to call the friend, or be called. There is a penalty if you die playing in co-op, something the developer has not yet made clear.

Fast travel is another thing that will be shared between players. There will be a vote if one of them opens the map and decides to travel to a specific location for free. The trip only happens when everyone agrees and votes to go to the same grace. Speaking of which, the video even shows the two players using the same grace, something also impossible in the normal game. Riding in Torrent alongside a friend, something that the game doesn’t let happen, will be possible with the mod.

Mod developer LukeYui, who is responsible for the mod that allows co-op in Sekiro, says that the new Elden Ring patch, 1.04, has delayed the progress of creating the mod. The “unlimited coop” mod for Elden Ring does not yet have a release date.

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