Elections in France: Rejection of Le Pen could guarantee victory for Macron

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Emmanuel Macron

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Ipsos poll shows Macron has 56% of voting intentions

French President Emmanuel Macron remains the favorite in the second round of presidential elections this Sunday (24/4), contested against Marine Le Pen, leader of the radical right.

Macron has progressively widened his lead, but it remains much smaller than in the 2017 election that secured his victory without difficulty.

If elected, as the polls indicate, the centrist should benefit more from the feeling of rejection on the part of the electorate in relation to the rival, with votes destined to stop the radical right from coming to power, than from a real adherence to their ideas. and its government program.

According to an Ipsos survey in partnership with the Sciences Po University Policy Research Center for the newspaper Le Monde, conducted with almost 13,000 people, 39% of voters who intend to vote for Macron on Sunday are motivated to prevent Le Pen from being elected, while 25% say that the centrist’s ideas are closer to their own and 36% say they trust him.

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