Evacuation of Mariupol is foiled once again

The plan to evacuate civilians residing in Mariupol, Ukraine, was once again thwarted. The new attempt would take place today, at the beginning of the fire, but 200 inhabitants who went to the point marked for boarding were “dispersed” by Russian military. Today, the war between the countries reaches the 59th day.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Iryna Vereshchukhad announced earlier about plans for Mariupol, which focused on the transfer of womenchildren and elderly people out of town.

The deputy prime minister also warned civilians to be vigilant and “do not follow any deception or provocation” by the military. russianswhich can open a “parallel corridor” and lead residents into Russian-controlled territories.

“Our runners will only take place on the following itinerary towards zaporizhzhia: manhush, Berdiansk, tokmak, orihiv“, he said Vereshchuk.

Saturday began with bombings in eastern and southern Ukraine. After nearly two months of conflict, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that the country is just the first step in Russia’s expansion into Eastern Europe.

Civilian deaths in eastern Ukraine

The head of Luhansk’s regional military administration, Serhiy Hayday, accused Russian forces of bombing civilian homes in Popasna and killing two people.

“In addition to street fighting, the Russian army is constantly bombing skyscrapers and private homes,” he told CNN International.

Hayday added that residents withstood five Russian attacks, but not all survived.

“At night, [um] Popasna resident, 66, died and his wife was injured. In addition, one more person died as a result of the bombing,” added Hayday.

Local authorities reported that around 30 people had been evacuated from the nearby city of Severodonetsk, including 15 bedridden patients.

Settlements in Luhansk are under Russian target amid a broad military effort to seize and hold more territory in the eastern Donbas region.

bombings in the south

The city of Mykilaiv, located in southern Ukraine, came under attack overnight, according to Vitaliy Kim, head of Mykolaiv’s military administration. To preserve the lives of civilians, a curfew was announced before Easter — celebrated in Ukraine according to the Orthodox Church calendar.

Civilians have been told that attacks from Russia could take place during the holiday and urged citizens of some regions to remain at home for the holiday.

The region between Mykolaiv and Kherson, to the southeast, has seen intense fighting over the past three weeks as Ukrainian forces launched counterattacks.

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