In MS, Friday night will be marked by the Lyrid meteor shower – Environment

Lyrid meteor shower (Photo: Disclosure/Getty Images/iStock)
Lyrid meteor shower (Photo: Disclosure/Getty Images/iStock)

The night of this Friday (22), promises to be marked by meteor showers Lírida and Mato Grosso do Sul may have one of the stages for the view of this show, since the sky is clear to partially cloudy.

Although it has been active since the 14th of April, it is on this Friday and Saturday (23) that the rain reaches its peak. Period in which more luminous trails of the phenomenon (popularly known as shooting stars), can be seen crossing the skies.

The phenomenon happens once a year, at this time, when the Earth, in its translational motion around the Sun, crosses the comet’s orbit, where a trail of debris and dust floats. However, it remains active until the next 29th, but less intense each day.

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