‘Joke’ at wedding causes bride to be arrested and guests to stop in hospital

a wedding in Florida, U.Sended with a detained bride and guests in the ER after the woman, identified as Danya Shea Svobodadecided to mix marijuana in the items that would be served.

According to information shared, Shea received help from a caterer to manipulate the food and then place the illicit drug, which caused the situation to spiral out of control.

How the Truth About Marriage Was Discovered

On February 19, 2022, the emergency services received several calls from guests at the wedding of Danya and Andrew Svoboda, and one of them was Miranda Cadya friend of the bride who stated in her statement that she felt as if her heart was going to stop after eating bread with olive oil.

Cady also said that he even questioned the caterer if marijuana had been placed in the food and she said yes. The police report noted that the bride was quite enthusiastic in confirming that she did indeed have drugs in her food.

And, in addition to Miranda, the bride’s uncle was also one of the people affected, who said he had strange thoughts and a racing heart after eating a caesar salad, pasta and bread.

In light of the foregoing and charged with food tampering, delivery of marijuana and negligence, police detained Bryant, 31, and Danya, 42. However, they were released after posting bail.

Now, according to information, they will have to appear before the judge in June this year.


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