Man beaten in US by boyfriend’s family for ‘making him gay’ – 23/04/2022

A man was beaten by his boyfriend’s family in the United States for saying they believed he had “made” their son homosexual. According to documents revealed by The Washington Post, the injuries left him blind.

The case took place in Florida, in the south of the country, in August of last year. The state attorney’s office alleges that parents Yevhen, 43, and Inna, 44, Makarenko and sons Vladyslav, 25, and Oleh, 21, arrested Oleh’s boyfriend, 31, at the family’s Pompano apartment. Beach and beat him up. Then they left him in the pool unconscious.

According to the victim’s testimony, the motive for the crime was the family’s rejection of Oleh dating another man. In the deposition, the man says that they had been dating for about nine months.

“He [a vítima] stated that the reason for the attack was because he was a homosexual, he was dating Oleh, and the family thought he made Oleh ‘turn’ homosexual,” the Florida prosecutor’s document reads, according to the Post.

The victim’s identity was not revealed. In the deposition, the man said that the aggression started after he told Inna, Oleh’s mother, that her son is homosexual.

The four family members, including Oleh, were indicted for attempted first-degree murder, robbery and kidnapping. The assault was also considered a “hate crime,” meaning that under Florida law, if convicted, they could face life in prison.

According to the prosecution, “the man was severely beaten because of his sexual orientation” as a justification for classifying it as a hate crime. Still according to the documents revealed by the American newspaper, he was so injured that his eyesight was impaired.

Defense attorney Michael glassertold the television channel WFOR that the family denies the allegations and that the victim’s credibility should be questioned because of the time it took to file a complaint, about six months.

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