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Mayor Ari Vequi announced the first 100 days of government as positive – Photo: Brusque City Hall / Disclosure

Another dengue victim in Santa Catarina, which has infected 20,539 people this year alone. The mayor of Brusque, Ari Vequi, was hospitalized this Saturday afternoon, the 23rd, with dengue.

The mayor is in the infirmary of Hospital Imigrantes. On Wednesday, the 20th, Vequi used social media to say that he was diagnosed with the disease.

“Since last Sunday, when the first symptoms appeared, I followed the medical recommendations and I am at home undergoing treatment,” he wrote.

On the morning of Friday, the 22nd, the mayor transferred the position to the vice, Gilmar Doerner, who will answer for the Executive until April 29th.

“I have a medical certificate for the treatment of dengue. Laboratory tests still show changes and, on medical recommendation, I will continue to rest at home”, warned Ari Vequi.

This Saturday, the 23rd, he suffered a worsening in his condition and his condition inspires care. Ari Vequi was hospitalized with the aim of intensifying treatment against the disease and monitoring the evolution of the condition more closely.

According to the doctor Humberto Fornari, who has been following the mayor in recent days, new tests released this Saturday showed a worsening in blood levels, especially in the number of platelets.

“This entails a greater risk of bleeding, and therefore, I understand that it is prudent to hospitalize the patient for monitoring to be carried out in the hospital ward, mainly to avoid a hemorrhagic condition”, he details. Humberto also informs that his health condition is stable.

A medical bulletin on the condition of Ari Vequi should be released this Sunday, the 24th.
mayor has dengue

Dengue balance in the state

The number of fatal victims of dengue in 2022 reached 16 – more than double recorded in the entire year of 2021, when seven residents of the state did not resist the disease. There are still 13 suspected dengue deaths under investigation in Santa Catarina.

This year, 20,539 dengue infections have been recorded in the state. Of these, about 17,000 cases were contracted within the limits of Santa Catarina (indigenous cases). Compared to the same period last year, there is a 153% increase in cases.

Municipality with epidemic

Cases of indigenous dengue (transmission within the state) have already been recorded in at least 87 municipalities in Santa Catarina. Of these, 33 are at epidemic level – when there are at least 300 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Of the 33 municipalities, 29 are located in the West region.

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