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Israeli researchers have found that women who run can have more intense orgasms

Israeli researchers have found that women who run can have more intense orgasms

Including the habit of running in the routine can improve orgasms in women and make them more intense, shows a study just published in the scientific journal International Urogynecology Journal. The conclusion is from researchers at the Israeli university Ben-Gurion, who point to better circulation in the clitoris and better function of the pelvic floor muscles as possible explanations.

Conducted by researchers from the university’s obstetrics and gynecology department, the work followed 180 volunteers who ran in an amateur way, at least once a week, and who did not show significant differences in sexual function. They were divided into the category of high effort and moderate effort, in relation to the intensity of physical activity.

In the first group, the participants ran distances greater than 19 kilometers per week, while in the second, the volunteers ran a distance less than the mark every seven days.

The high exertion group reported having higher intensity orgasms compared to the women in the moderate exertion group, and a correlation was found between weekly running distance and the intensity of orgasm they experienced. Those who ran longer distances were 28% more likely to achieve a better orgasm, which was a third more intense.

In the conclusion of the study, the researchers pointed out that “high-effort physical activity may be associated with improved orgasm” and that the rationale may be related to “better circulation of the clitoris” and “better function of the pelvic floor muscles”.

The study’s lead author, Shanny Sade, told the British newspaper The Sun that, in addition to the explanations described in the research, the difference could also be due to “better self-esteem and body image, or a combination of these (factors)”.

The scientists further add that in cases of sexual dysfunction, clinicians can “raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity and pelvic floor muscle training and rehabilitation, which can improve tone and circulation, and therefore function.” sexual”.

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