Secretary wants to hire more doctors and align hospital care

Marcelo Marques took over the Health Department a week ago. Despite the short time, he has already identified the main problems faced by the department, by professionals working in the area and also by patients. For the next few months, the work will focus on attention and alignment of forces and strategies.

This week, Marques was in some health units and proved the need to hire more doctors. Immediately, the municipality needs seven more professionals to cover some windows and generate a positive effect on primary care. “We need to do this urgently. I have no way of specifying a date, but it will be done quickly,” he says.

Emergency Room
Marques also noted that there is a large flow of patients from the emergency room of Hospital e Maternidade Sagrada Família, and the institution has not been able to meet this demand. “I have the feeling that it is not for lack of a doctor. It is a problem in the management of work, in the way they are acting”, he analyzes.

Still, he says he was impressed with the nursing home. “I have been working in public health for 20 years and this hospital is very good. It has a good amount of specialties for the size of the city. It’s a shame that residents generalize on the negative side. Since we like to generalize, why not on the bright side?” he asks.

joint action
The Secretary of Health points out that urgent and emergency care at the hospital is usually fraught with difficulties. “It’s not what people expect. What we can do is improve what is being done, as the methodology used is not working,” he says.

The proposal of the public power, therefore, is a joint action and that normally generates good results. “In health, things are interconnected. When you touch one, you touch another. When we say that there is a lack of a doctor in primary care, this is reflected in the emergency room. The person looks for the basic unit, does not find it, and goes to the emergency room”, she mentions.

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