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To conserve the PC and ensure that its performance is optimized, users can and should maintain some maintenance habits. They are simple care, such as cleaning the electronics, but that can make a lot of difference in the day to day of the equipment. In addition to improving the functioning of the device, taking care of it can even increase its useful life.

With that in mind, the TechTudo listed some simple precautions that will ensure the proper functioning and longevity of the computer.

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Maintaining some conservation habits are ideal to increase the life of the device — Photo: Reproduction / Apple

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Cleaning your computer is important, not only in a hygienic sense, but to keep your computer running smoothly. We even teach you how to clean a notebook.

The accumulation of dust and debris in the case can cause components to overheat and result in loss of performance and shortened life of the computer. Accessories such as keyboard and mouse also tend to accumulate dirt, which, in the long run, can disrupt use and render the piece unusable.

Periodically cleaning your PC can prevent overheating problems — Photo: Playback/Computer Cleaning USA

For the cabinet, it is recommended to clean the part with a blower to expel dust, insects and other debris. The vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is not recommended, as contact with the vacuum nozzle can generate static discharge and cause damage. It is important that the coolers, responsible for cooling the machine, and that the exposed ports, such as the USB, have all the dirt removed.

In the case of the monitor, a dry or slightly damp cloth or towel is sufficient to clean it. A cloth or towel will also suffice for most accessories, but in the case of the keyboard, it may be necessary to turn it upside down to use gravity to remove the dirt deposited under the keys.

In general, electronic machines should avoid contact with liquids. The rule applies to both the monitor and the cabinet and accessories, since most parts do not have adequate protection against contact with liquids.

Electronics and liquids don’t mix, so keep them away — Photo: Reproduction/Upsie

If any liquid comes into contact with the cabinet, turn it off immediately. The source of the liquid must be away from the equipment and, if possible, try to dry the computer. Ideally, the equipment should be taken to a technical assistance in an attempt to save the electronics.

It is worth mentioning that, if the cabinet is within reach of pets such as dogs, it may be necessary for the user to provide barriers so that the animal does not urinate in the room.

Restarting the computer can correct failures and free the memory allocated in the cache — Photo: Reproduction/Willian Rodrigues

With increasingly modern computers, it is common that, at the end of activities, the computer is only left in sleep, but keeping the machine turned on. This speeds up computer startup when needed. However, the operating system needs periodic reboots. This action serves to free the memory allocated in the machine’s cache and to correct possible failures.

Another benefit of rebooting the machine after some time on is that system or driver updates are installed and implemented completely, which should speed up the activities and speed of the computer.

4. Use a power stabilizer

Stabilizers act as a line filter and voltage transformer — Photo: Disclosure/SMS

Common equipment in the home of many Brazilians, the stabilizer has the function of reducing voltage variations in the electrical network, like a line filter. It also protects the computer against voltage spikes caused by blackouts and storms, which can cause electronics to malfunction. In addition, it transforms the power supplied from 220V outlets to 110V. So, consider buying one if you don’t already have one.

5. Make periodic backups

If none of the above tips are followed, important computer data may end up being lost forever due to wear or total loss of electronics. There are solutions that can partially avoid the damage, especially with regard to the files present on the computer.

Samsung’s External HD is a backup option — Photo: Disclosure/Samsung

Backup or backup ensures that a copy of the files is available in the event of a loss of computer memory. It is possible to perform backups on external disks, which range from R$ 299, such as the Samsung model, to more than R$ 2,000 in online retail, or on servers in the cloud. The negative point of the external disk is that it is also subject to problems just like the computer.

In the case of cloud backup, there is a monthly price to be paid. Several companies offer this type of storage, but it is necessary to take into account that the service is only valid while the monthly fee is paid.

6. Beware of Overheating

Meme emulates computer overheating — Photo: Reproduction / Reddit

An important point that must be taken into account when using the computer is its temperature. There are several tools that can monitor the internal temperature of the components, but some attitudes can avoid this end for the electronics, starting with the airflow outlets.

Every cabinet has openings that allow air to circulate, and blocking this opening will keep warm air inside the machine. In addition, excess dust can prevent the computer’s cooling system from doing its job, raising the temperature.

Excessive wires can cause computers and notebooks to malfunction — Photo: Elson de Souza/TechTudo

Here the main tip is organization. Tangled and tangled cables can not only take up too much space, but also lead to accidents. Power cords must be kept away from the passage of people or animals to prevent them from falling or even the computer itself. In addition, excess cables can generate headaches when performing maintenance.

Ideally, excess cables should be eliminated. The necessary wires can be organized with the help of power strips, organized by color or with organizers suitable for this function.

with information from PC Gamer and HP

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