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A simple tick bite is capable of generating a serious brain infection, with severe neurological symptoms, which can lead to death. That’s what happened to a resident of the US state of Maine, on the border with Canada.

The case was confirmed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a disease transmitted by the Powassan virus through the bite of a type of tick that usually infects deer in the far north region of the country.

The virus is rare, infecting just over 25 people a year in the United States, but what draws the attention of the country’s health authorities is that the number of cases has been growing year after year in the spring and autumn months.

This infection has only been recorded in the wildest regions of North America and Russia.

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Symptoms of the disease begin within a week of the tick bite and include fever, headache, weakness, vomiting, confusion, memory loss, loss of coordination, and seizures. But the virus can also lodge in the brain and cause serious neurological problems, such as brain inflammation, which can lead to death. But what intrigues scientists is that many people infected with the virus don’t even get sick.

As there are no vaccines for the virus, the only measure is prevention against the tick bite, avoiding areas of high grass and trails during the tick season (spring and autumn), using repellents and clothing to protect the body during walks. .

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