WHO confirms death of child from hepatitis of unknown cause | Health

There are no details on the age of the child who died or the country that registered the death.

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Until Thursday (21), at least 169 cases of the disease had been identifiedspread across 10 European countries (see distribution below), in the United States and Israel.

Affected children are 1 month to 16 years of age; 17 of them needed a liver transplant.

Adenovirus and Sars-CoV-2 detected

The cause of the problem is still unknown, but the adenovirus was detected in at least 74 cases. already the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus was identified in 20 cases among those tested. In 19 cases, a simultaneous infection by both viruses was detected.

The UK, which has the most cases reported so far, has recently seen a significant increase in adenovirus infections, particularly in stool samples from children. The Netherlands also reported an increase in adenovirus circulation.

However, due to improved laboratory testing for adenovirus, these results may represent the identification of a rare result occurring at previously undetected levels – which is now being recognized due to increased testing.

Another point is that, although adenovirus is a hypothesized cause of the problem, it does not fully explain the severity of the children’s clinical condition, said the WHO.

This because adenovirus type 41 – what has been detected in children so far – does not usually cause liver problems in healthy children, but diarrhea, vomiting and feveroften accompanied by respiratory symptoms.

Adenoviruses often cause infections that resolve on their own — such as colds. Depending on the type, it can also cause conjunctivitis, gastroenteritis, and cystitis (bladder infection).

At least 169 cases of the disease have been identified so far, distributed in 11 countries:

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