Assistance teams participate in Patient Safety Month action

unimed londrina 25 04 2022Unimed Londrina joined the national campaign that dedicated the month of April to the appreciation of patient safety and the quality of care provided to them. The singular initiative was aimed at employees in the assistance areas and had a playful dynamic.

Morbidity and mortality – “Incidents associated with health care represent a high morbidity and mortality worldwide”, warns the Quality nurse and member of the Patient Safety Center, Ana Carolina Gama.

Awareness – “One of the objectives is to make employees aware of the subject of patient safety and the great importance that all health professionals need to notify care failures”, explains the nurse of the Hospital Infection Control Commission and a member of the nucleus, Rafaele Negrão, when referring to the initiative of recording adverse events witnessed during care services.

Dynamics – The dynamics carried out with the assistance collaborators used a giant puzzle containing the six patient safety goals. “Employees were divided into groups to discuss each goal, and relate it to their reality of care”, describes the Continuing Education nurse and participant of the nucleus, Vitória Reis.

Badge – Another initiative was the delivery of a badge containing the six patient safety goals for employees to use together with the Cooperative badge. “We seek to make the guidelines more accessible so that they can be consulted and recalled whenever necessary”, highlights the Occupational Safety technician and member of the nucleus, Sarah Alves da Cunha.

Participation – In all, 280 employees from the SOS, Vaccine Clinic, DOM, Emergency Care, Multiprofessional Clinic, Unimed Health and Regulation areas participated in the dynamic. To end the month, a lecture given by the nurse Daniella Bonfietti Rodrigues will be held for assistance employees and providers.

national day – The National Patient Safety Day is always celebrated on April 1, the date on which the National Patient Safety Program (PNSP) was created in 2013, through Ordinance GM/MS, n. 529.

goal – The program aims to reinforce for patients, health professionals and government officials the importance of care that must be taken in the activities carried out in the health service. (Unimed Londrina Press)

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