At the age of 64, Datena is taken to the hospital and received a diagnosis: “zero”

Datena shared a video at the hospital and delivered the real state of her health

Datena is one of the most beloved journalists in Brazil and has been running ‘Brasil Urgente’ for years, on the screen of the Band, the policeman, by the way, is one of the biggest audiences of the station and always stands out in the programming. In recent weeks, the communicator decided to take some time to take care of his health and was taken to the hospital for a battery of tests.

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At the age of 64, Datena has taken great care of herself, so much so that a complete checkup was carried out at the hospital, all so that the presenter’s real state of health could be known. Through a video shared on Instagram, the Band contractor informed followers about the diagnosis he received and gave more details of what was submitted.

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“My friends, my friends! Completing another battery of exams, thank God everything is zero, all right, for a marathon that is coming, which I hope you run with us in Brazil. It’s the marathon of life, it’s the marathon of recovery. And thank God, my good God, our Lord Jesus Christ, man I’m cool as hell, big kiss to all of you,” Datena said in a video.

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Datena in Brazil Urgent - Photo: Reproduction

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In the comments of the publication, the communicator received the affection of the fans, Letícia Datenathe presenter’s daughter also interacted: “How nice my father”, wrote the communicator.

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Datena is the presenter of Brasil Urgente (Photo: Reproduction / Band)


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