Can mental health care help athletes? Study reveals cognitive skills can be developed

A study published by the multidisciplinary journal Ciência Latina reveals that the sooner athletes treat mental health, the greater the chance of developing cognitive skills and how this process happens. The work was developed by the philosopher and specialist in football performance, Lincoln Nunes, and resulted from his training in psychoanalysis at Logos University International (UniLogos). The work was supervised by the neuroscientist PhD and master in psychoanalysis Dr. Fabiano de Abreu Agrela.

In the study, the psychoanalyst stated that there is an equation between cause and consequence of the players’ attitudes, inside and outside their areas of expertise.

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“The ‘equation’ developed has the following formula: I + M + E = R. That is, Individual, environment, sport and, of course, the answer. So, if the player knows how to deal with the stimulus in a positive way, consequently, the response will be positive. The key lies in the matter of dealing with a stimulus in a gap of seconds. All this can be learned and stored through mental/behavioral learning sessions and is soon part of the athlete’s training routine”, he said.

The study also presents the bases of the methodology that proves the applied use of several areas, such as: Psychoanalysis together with Philosophy and Educational Psychology (Sigmund Freud and Skinner) in the scope of the variants of learning schools and of Sports Physiology and Psychology (Bradford Cannon, Pilay and Dweck), generate above-average results for the athletes who went through the sessions and were guided through the foundations of this research and its broad adaptive educational model.

According to Lincoln, the work was carried out based on the comparison of the evolution of performance in the context of football, from the analysis of athletes who live with a high level of daily pressure and, consequently, irregularities in the performance aspect.

The psychoanalyst concluded that the possibility of a multidisciplinary connection between different areas and scientific research helps athletes in their maintenance and increase in their sports performance based on a fortified mentality.

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About Lincoln Nunes

Creator of the Elite Athlete Method, philosopher, psychoanalyst and specialist in sports performance. With countless successful cases, Lincoln Nunes has already assisted Olympic athletes such as Guilherme Costa, European and national football stars such as Philippe Coutinho, Emerson Royal, Artur Victor, and Pedro Rocha and UFC fighters such as Pedro Munhoz, Edsonq as Barboza Jr, among others. .

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