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More liberal than in 2017, Emmanuel Macron was re-elected, according to projections, in a campaign in which he preached a France where “everyone works more”, with retirement from the age of 65, but promised, in return, to achieve full employment.

The current president of the center has promised to reduce corporate taxes by 10 billion euros (almost US$ 11 billion) if he is re-elected and also wants to reward professors on merit.

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In addition, he defends a series of social measures, such as allowing unofficially married couples to file a joint tax return and increasing the minimum pension amount to 1,100 euros.

Macron defeats Le Pen and secures new term in France

Macron defeats Le Pen and secures new term in France

Although one of its main measures is to boost nuclear energy to produce electricity, it also wants to develop renewables.

Check below the main measures of its program, whose cost was estimated at 50 billion euros per year, excluding tax reductions:

  • Half an hour of sport a day and two more hours a week in high school.
  • Introduce high school students to technical and manual crafts; teach programming.
  • Reform professional training, increasing practical activities in companies.
  • Adapt higher education locations to professional needs.
  • Ensure the replacement of absent teachers.
  • Mathematics as a common subject in schools.
  • Make France produce medicines again.
  • Fight to solve the problem of regions without enough doctors.
  • Hire nurses and aides to hospitals.
  • Gradually raise the retirement age from 62 to 65.
  • Raise the minimum full pension to 1,100 euros per month.
  • Hire 50,000 nurses and nursing home assistants by 2027.
  • Make it easier for retirees to carry out a professional activity.
  • Subsidy up to 70% of the cost of adapting homes.
  • Launch a citizen’s convention to reflect on the end of life.
  • Condition the minimum income to 15 or 20 hours of insertion or training activities.
  • Eliminate the quotation of the added value of the companies, that is, 10 billion euros annually in total.
  • Triple the limit of the “Macron bonus”, which companies can pay their workers without paying taxes.
  • Companies that pay dividends will have to reward their employees.
  • Eliminate the audiovisual tax.
  • Inheritance tax exemption of up to €150,000 per child and €100,000 for other family members.
  • Universalize an account that allows you to save vacation days or receive payment instead of enjoying them.
  • Build six new generation nuclear reactors, study the possibility of another eight.
  • Multiply solar power by ten, deploy 50 marine wind farms by 2050, manufacture millions of electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • To condition the remuneration of the directors of large companies regarding environmental and social goals.
  • Renovate 700,000 homes a year.
  • Strengthen border controls in the European Union (EU) and France.
  • Speed ​​up asylum procedures and expel more effectively in case of refusal.
  • Make the long-term residence permit conditional on passing a French exam and on entering a job.
  • Expel foreigners who disturb public order.
  • Complete the doubling of the presence of security forces on the streets and mobilize 200 new police brigades.
  • Apply fixed fines for everyday infractions.
  • Hire 8,500 additional magistrates and judicial personnel.
  • Double the number of operational reservists in the armed forces.

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