Court orders McDonald’s to give information about health plans

Faced with the denial of the fast food McDonald’s to provide information on the health plan offered to its employees, the 7th Labor Court of Florianópolis ordered the renewal of the official letter to comply with the request, with a fine for non-compliance and “without prejudice to any characterization of a crime of disobedience to the court order” .


McDonald’s will pay a fine if you do not provide the requested information.

During the instruction of a labor lawsuit, the court requested information about the health plan, the monthly cost to the employer, the amounts spent by the employee who joins and any percentage of co-participation. The company responsible for the franchise claimed “business secrecy” and declined to give an explanation.

Judge Carlos Alberto Pereira de Castro, then, recalled that, according to article 378 of the Code of Civil Procedure, “no one exempts himself from the duty of collaborating with the Judiciary for the discovery of the truth”.

According to the magistrate, the information requested is not protected by commercial secrecy. “The designated company, ‘giant’ of the junk food and known, including, for failing to comply with legislation and judicial agreements, attempts once again – in a puerile way, or in a measure of pure derision – against an act of the Judiciary”, he said.

For Judge Patrícia Sant’Anna — president of the Association of Labor Magistrates of the 12th Region (Amatra-12) and director of Social Communication at the National Association of Labor Justice Magistrates (Anamatra) — “the labor magistrate must seek to eliminate procedural obstacles that can only serve to reinforce material inequality and to create obstacles to the clarification of the truth”.

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