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Even Elden Ring's community hero Let Me Solo Her already got a mod

Even Elden Ring’s community hero Let Me Solo Her already got a mod

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One of the great benefits of playing on PC is the possibility of using mods in games. These modifications are created by the community and range from bug fixes to graphical improvements, new characters and other changes that impact the game in a variety of ways.

And of course the hottest game of 2022, Elden Ring, already has hundreds of mods for its computer version. Game On has selected seven of the best mods in the game for you, with great options for newbies and those who have already completed the journey.

Let Me Solo Her Summon

The topic in the Elden Ring community right now is this Let me Solo Hera player who stays at the door of the difficult boss Malenia and help everyone to defeat her, facing the challenge alone with his two katanas and pot-shaped helmet – and nothing else. He became a hero!

But it’s not just Malenia that works in the game. With this mod you’ll have a Let me Solo Her summon in your inventory – a spirit like the Mimic or the trio of wolves – to use whenever you need a little help from the community’s favorite warrior.

Easy Mode

Whenever FromSoftware launches a new game, social networks are taken over by the discussion about whether or not to add an easy mode for those who have more difficulty with the game. If you are from the team that would like to be able to opt for an “Easy Mode” in Elden Ring, this mod solves it!

With it installed you’ll take 50% less damage from enemies, deal 25% more damage to all midland monstrosities, and get rich faster as you gain ten times more runes per kill.

You can download the Elden Ring Easy Mode mod from this link.

Hard mode

For those who are more masochistic and find the challenge of the Elden Ring papaya with sugar, just add this mod. Enemies will deal New Game+ damage on the first journey! Arrows fired at your character will be twice as fast and travel twice as far. Teleportation will be restricted to churches and cathedrals only. Will you face it?

You can download the mod with Elden Ring Hard Mode from this link.

pause the game

Mod adds Pause button in Elden Ring

Mod adds Pause button in Elden Ring

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In Elden Ring there is only one hack to pause the action. It is necessary to open the help menu in the character’s inventory, which requires several steps and becomes unfeasible in several battles. With this mod you can pause at any time by pressing just one button and you can go to the bathroom quickly without losing your runes.

You can download the Elden Ring Game Pause mod from this link.

Elden Reshade

Mod Elden Reshade makes adjustments to the graphics of Elden Ring

Mod Elden Reshade makes adjustments to the graphics of Elden Ring

Photo: reproduction

For those who want to improve the graphics of Elden Ring, there are already mods that transform the visual aspects of the game. Elden Reshade is one of the most appreciated mods by the community for not messing with the game’s art direction and focusing only on correcting small lighting problems, leaving the image more vivid, as if HDR had been turned on.

You can download Elden Reshade mod from Elden Ring from this link.

Unlock FPS

With the 1.04 update, most of the performance issues on PC have been resolved, but there are still those who are suffering from random stutters and slowdowns. This mod unlocks the game’s frame rate – which is capped at 60 fps – and lets the player crash on their own, as much as they see fit, using external software. This ensures a more fluid and PC-friendly experience for everyone.

Want to unlock Elden Ring frame rate on PC? Download the mod from this link.

Grand Merchant

Elden Ring mod lets you buy all items from a single merchant

Elden Ring mod lets you buy all items from a single merchant

Photo: reproduction

If you get angry having to remember which merchant sells what and hate the back and forth to buy a specific item across the giant open world, your problems are over! With the Grand Merchant installed, the merchant of the Church of Elleh – the one that is in the first area of ​​the open world – will have practically every item in the game in his stock.

However, do not play online with this mod enabled, as there is a risk of being banned.

Curious? Download the Grand Merchant mod from this link.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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