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Described as a sweet and loyal dog, Rocky hasn't found a family to call his own.
Humane Society for Hamilton County

Described as a sweet and loyal dog, Rocky hasn’t found a family to call his own.

It’s been a year now since a pit bull dog named Rocky has been waiting for a chance to be someone’s pet, but no one seems willing to pay any attention to him.

Rocky is in a shelter called the Humane Society for Hamilton County, located in Indiana, United States. Every day several people go to the place, and Rocky watches them passing through his door, but no one responds to the affection he is willing to give.

“He doesn’t understand why he’s still here,” shelter staff wrote on social media.

Despite being unrequited, the dog does not give up hope of finding a family. To demonstrate what the animal sees on a daily basis, the caretakers decided to place a camera in its kennel, where you can see Rocky enthusiastically wagging his tail at each passing person.

The video posted on Facebook went viral in a few days, with millions of views, but still, nothing has changed. “Rocky is still waiting for his perfect person to show up,” the shelter staff wrote.

Rocky is described as a loyal, affectionate and laid-back dog, always willing to give and receive affection, as well as being quite playful. Being more recommended for houses where he will be the only pet.

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