Dry-tummy detox tea really slimming: myth or truth?

This is a drink that helps eliminate toxins from your body, reduces bloating and even makes you lose that unwanted tummy. Well, that’s the promise that dry-tummy detox tea makes and it sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

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And it really sounds too good to be true, because unfortunately, these capsules and drinks sold over the internet, in addition to being ineffective, are not good for your health. Let’s understand a little more about these elements and what are the real risks of making use of this kind of thing.

What are the benefits of teas?

Tea is a type of beverage, consumed for thousands of years by different types of societies. Some teas have medicinal effects and, because of this fact, many people end up using them to relieve various symptoms of diseases.

This is due to the fact that many herbs and plants, which are the main ingredients of teas, contain substances with nutritional properties for our body, which can range from antioxidant action to even the feeling of relaxation.

Each tea is intended for a type of problem. For example, fennel can boost the functioning of the body’s defense system, while chamomile can be used to help with muscle spasms, headaches and stress control.

Know the dangers of dry-tummy detox tea among other slimming

Many people must think that, because they are natural substances, they will not harm you, but those who think so are wrong, because, even though they are natural, these substances can pose some risk to your health if they are used without medical advice.

We can emphasize that not everything that is natural can do well. With continuous and indiscriminate use, they can cause changes in liver enzymes and cause liver damage, such as hepatitis. The herbs that are often used to produce capsules and the famous slimming teas in general are the ones that pose the most risk to the organ. Some examples of teas that can pose some health risk are carqueja, senna, cascara-sacred and horsetail tea.

Does dry-tummy detox tea work?

Regarding abdominal fat loss, no. This fat, which is usually concentrated in the abdominal region, is called visceral, that is, it is located between the organs, and its excess can be extremely harmful to health. This is because it can greatly increase the risk of diseases such as heart disease.

However, the main issue is that weight loss happens throughout the body and not just in a localized region, such as the belly, for example. And unfortunately we still don’t have the ability to tell the body which part we want it to dry first. And often belly fat is the last to dry up and go. In addition, a single ingredient is not the cause of weight loss, for it to happen, you have to opt for a caloric deficit.

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