How covid created massive congestion in the port of Shanghai that affects the entire world

  • Cristina J. Orgaz – @cjorgaz
  • From BBC News World

Thousands of containers of different colors in the port of Shanghai

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Containers in Shanghai port

Dozens of cities in China are currently in partial or total lockdown following a new surge in coronavirus cases in the country due to the spread of the omicron variant. The situation threatens the Chinese authorities’ controversial “covid zero” strategy.

With 25 million inhabitants and a vital weight for the country’s economy, the city of Shanghai is suffering the worst wave of covid since the beginning of the pandemic, in Wuhan, more than two years ago.

The Chinese metropolis is not only a global financial center, but also one of the most important cargo ports for international trade. In the last ten years, it has been the largest port in the world in terms of cargo handling.

In 2021, the port of Shanghai accounted for 17% of China’s container traffic and 27% of exports.

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