In victory speech, Macron tries to speak to all voters and says he wants to make France an ‘ecological nation’ | World

Re-elected with around 58% of the vote, according to projections, French President Emmanuel Macron gave a victory speech in which he tried to conciliate all voters in the country this Sunday (24).

“From now on, I am no longer the candidate of one camp, but the president of all,” Macron said during his victory speech at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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In his victory speech, he tried to make mention of the different groups of voters:

  • those who voted for him to avoid the far-right project represented by Le Pen. To this group, he stated that he is aware that his choice makes him the depositary of attachment to the Republic.
  • those who abstained. Macron said the “silence” of these voters also had meaning.
  • Le Pen voters. sAccording to Macron, he needs to rule for everyone around him, and anger and disagreements need to find answers.
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Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron during their re-election victory speech, on April 24, 2022 – Photo: Bertrand Guay/AFP

When he quoted Le Pen voters, there were some boos from the audience. Macron asked them to stop: “No one is going to boo, from the beginning I asked them not to do that”, said the re-elected president.

The next five years, he said, will not be a continuation of the first five.

Emmanuel Macron in his victory speech, April 24, 2022 — Photo: Thomas Coex / AFP

Macron has twice said his project is to transform France into an ecological nation.

“You have chosen an ambitious project today. A European, social and ecological project, based on work and creation”, said Macron, before launching that he hopes to make France “a great ecological nation”.

He also mentioned the Russian invasion of Ukraine: “I will be demanding and ambitious, we have a lot to do. The war in Ukraine is there to remind France that it must bring its voice and the clarity of its choices and rebuild its strength in all domains, and we will do that,” he said.

Less than 15 minutes after the projections were released, candidate Le Pen spoke. She admitted defeat and stated that the result is still a victory for her political movement.

The challenger also said that the will to defend what is French has been strengthened, and that her supporters have already been declared dead thousands of times, but it was always wrong, and that the French political scene is recovering.

The latest polls released on Friday already indicated that the 44-year-old “República em Marcha” (LREM) candidate would beat his 53-year-old rival from Reunion Nacional (RN), with a smaller advantage than in 2017, when it was won with 66.1% of the votes.

Five years later, France is not the same country in which the centrist had won for the first time: social protests marked the first half of Macron’s term, a global pandemic confined millions of people and the Russian invasion of Ukraine shook the entire European continent. .

The war at the gates of the European Union (EU) marked the electoral campaign, although the main concern of the French is their purchasing power, in a context of rising energy and food prices.

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